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Gintama Original Soundtrack Mp32018/09/14Mp3, OST2018-09-14 16:48:41
Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack Mp32018/09/11Mp3, OST2018-09-11 02:35:50
Overlord Original Sound Track Mp32018/08/28Mp3, OST2018-08-28 19:00:31
Assassination Classroom Original Soundtrack Mp32018/08/28Mp3, OST2018-08-28 18:39:43
A Certain Scientific Railgun Original Soundtrack MP32018/07/27Anime Series, Mp3, OST2018-07-27 11:58:50
Sword Art Online Original Sound Track MP32018/07/26Mp3, OST2018-07-26 14:52:29
Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack MP32018/07/26Mp3, OST2018-07-26 06:00:05
Akira Original Soundtrack Mp32018/07/25Mp3, OST2018-07-25 22:20:02
Kimi no na wa OST Mp3 320kbs2018/07/24Mp3, OST2018-07-24 02:46:48
K-On! Complete OST (Season 1,Season 2 & Movie) MP3 320kbps2018/07/18Mp3, OST2018-07-18 21:36:07
Megalo Box Original Soundtrack MP3 320kBps2018/06/28Mp3, OST2018-06-28 20:27:41
Toki O Kizamu Uta / Torch – EP2018/06/01Mp3, OST2018-06-01 03:25:17
CLANNAD ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK2018/06/01Mp3, OST2018-06-01 03:02:39
Haikyuu!! Third Season Original Soundtrack 2018/05/30Mp3, OST2018-05-30 03:02:44
Haikyuu!! Second Season Original Soundtrack2018/05/30Mp3, OST2018-05-30 03:02:43
Haikyuu!! Original Soundtrack2018/05/30Mp3, OST2018-05-30 03:02:42
Mob Psycho 100 Original Soundtrack2018/05/29Mp3, OST2018-05-29 03:06:19
Ao Haru Ride Original Soundtrack2018/05/23Mp3, OST2018-05-23 18:53:21
A Place Further Than The Universe OP ED and Insert Songs MP32018/04/07Mp3, OST2018-04-07 05:53:24
3-gatsu no Lion OPs and EDs MP3 320 KBps2018/03/18Mp3, OST2018-03-18 00:11:23
Vocaloid Flac Songs Collection A2018/03/02FLAC, Vocaloid2018-03-02 19:00:03
Fairy Tail Original SoundTracks Collection [FLAC]2018/03/02FLAC, OST2018-03-02 11:16:35
No Game No Life Zero Original Soundtrack2018/02/27FLAC, OST2018-02-27 20:45:22
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni ED FLAC + MP32018/02/23FLAC, Mp3, OST2018-02-23 12:00:40
Parasyte – The Maxim – Music OST Collection2018/02/11Mp3, OST2018-02-11 17:49:59
Cowboy Bebop OST – 160/320 kbps2018/02/11Mp3, OST2018-02-11 17:49:59
Tenkuu no Escaflowne OST MP3 FLAC2018/01/27FLAC, Mp3, OST2018-01-27 19:50:35
Ghost In The Shell – Soundtracks –Complete Collection–2017/12/23FLAC, OST2017-12-23 10:13:38
Hunter X Hunter 2011 OST MP32017/12/16Mp3, OST2017-12-16 13:42:36
Spirited Away OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 13:40:38
Laputa: Castle in the Sky OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 13:11:44
Howl no Ugoku Shiro OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 13:00:26
Gedo Senki OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 12:56:05
Neko no Ongaeshi OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 12:50:30
When Marnie Was There OST2017/12/02Mp3, OST2017-12-02 12:28:51
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OST MP32017/11/29Mp3, OST2017-11-29 19:58:24
Vocaloid Flac Songs Collection #2017/11/23FLAC, Vocaloid2017-11-23 05:09:13
ARIA- The Animation Complete OST Collection [MP3]2017/09/26Mp3, OST2017-09-26 21:59:06
Nodame Cantabile Original Soundtrack + Openings/Endings + Extras -MP32017/09/26Mp3, OST2017-09-26 21:26:27
BAKI-The Grappler Original Soundtracks-MP32017/09/26Mp3, OST2017-09-26 21:11:18
Tenchi Muyo Original Soundtracks Collection- MP3 320 kbps2017/09/26Mp3, OST2017-09-26 21:03:27
Death Note Original Soundtracks- FLAC2017/09/26FLAC, OST2017-09-26 20:43:47
Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini – Music OST Collection2017/09/22Mp3, OST2017-09-22 21:43:19
Darker Than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha – Music OST Collection2017/09/22Mp3, OST2017-09-22 21:35:37
High School DxD Music Collection MP32017/09/19Mp3, OST2017-09-19 22:07:14
Angel Beats! Music Collection [FLAC]2017/08/27FLAC, OST2017-08-27 10:14:36
One Piece Original Soundtracks Complete Set ( MP3/FLAC )2017/08/27FLAC, Mp3, OST2017-08-27 10:12:30
One Punch Man Original SoundTracks2017/08/26Mp3, OST2017-08-26 20:24:07
Naruto Shippuden Ops/Eds Mp32017/08/14Mp3, OST2017-08-14 20:19:01
My Hero Academia Original Soundtracks MP32017/08/14Mp3, OST2017-08-14 13:29:49
Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack MP32017/08/14Mp3, OST2017-08-14 11:11:48
Attack on Titan Season 2 Original Soundtrack MP32017/08/14Mp3, OST2017-08-14 11:11:48
Sword Art Online – Openings/Endings -mp3 -128+kbps2017/08/14Mp3, OST2017-08-14 03:13:14
Your Lie In April OST -mp3 -Random quality2017/08/13Mp3, OST2017-08-13 10:48:35
Gangsta OST (mp3-320kbps)2017/08/02Mp3, OST2017-08-02 21:31:51
Naruto Opening and Ending Songs MP32017/07/25Mp3, OST2017-07-25 22:46:32
We are currently uploading the rest as you are reading this , if you are reading this ,it means that the collection is still under updation
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