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Lupin III: Dead or Alive


Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen take a mini-helicopter and head to the mysterious “Drifting Island” looking for a treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere on it. Through their exploration of the island, the trio encounters the lethal “Nanomachine,” the island’s security system. The trio triggers the alarm, springing “the Nanomachine” to life. The key to solving the island’s mystery lies in the small nation of Zufu. This once prosperous nation is now ruled by the ruthless, knife-collecting, General Headhunter. Fujiko does her usual probing and hacks into General Headhunter’s computer hoping to find some crucial information. Zenigata has received a video message from Lupin in which Lupin announces his desire for the priceless treasure. Oleander, a fiery blond officer with some hidden secrets of her own, steps in to help Zenigata. Armed with their newly found information, Lupin, Goemon, Jigen, and Fujiko go back to “Drifting Island,” but this time they are followed by General Headhunter. (Source: ANN)

Alternative Titles

  • English: Lupin III: Dead or Alive
  • Japanese: ルパン三世 DEAD OR ALIVE
  • Synonyms: Rupan Sansei: Dead or Alive


Characters & Voice Actors

Ishikawa XIII, GoemonIshikawa XIII, Goemon

McFarland, Mike

McFarland, Mike
Jigen, DaisukeJigen, Daisuke

Sabat, Christopher

Sabat, Christopher
Lupin III, ArseneLupin III, Arsene

Strait, Sonny

Strait, Sonny
Mine, FujikoMine, Fujiko

McCoy, Meredith

McCoy, Meredith
Zenigata, KouichiZenigata, Kouichi

Naya, Gorou

Naya, Gorou


Shinohara, ToshiyaShinohara, Toshiya
Co-Director, Storyboard
Monkey PunchMonkey Punch
Yano, HiroyukiYano, Hiroyuki
Episode Director, Storyboard, Chief Animation Director
Burgmeier, JohnBurgmeier, John
Ohno, YujiOhno, Yuji
Theme Song Composition, Music
Fukuda, NoriyukiFukuda, Noriyuki
Key Animation
Fukunaga, GenFukunaga, Gen
Executive Producer
Gotou, MasamiGotou, Masami
Key Animation
Katsuki, KunioKatsuki, Kunio
Key Animation
Kinoshita, YuukiKinoshita, Yuuki
Key Animation
Maeda, MinoruMaeda, Minoru
Key Animation
Matsuoka, HideakiMatsuoka, Hideaki
Key Animation
Murata, MasahikoMurata, Masahiko
Animation Director
Namura, HidetoshiNamura, Hidetoshi
Key Animation
Negishi, TakayukiNegishi, Takayuki
Ogawa, IchirouOgawa, Ichirou
Key Animation
Pate, JustinPate, Justin
Recording Engineer
Seyama, TakeshiSeyama, Takeshi
Shirato, TakeshiShirato, Takeshi
Key Animation
Strait, SonnyStrait, Sonny
ADR Director
Yamada, TatsuoYamada, Tatsuo
Animation Director
Yamamoto, TakashiYamamoto, Takashi
Key Animation
Yokoyama, HiromiYokoyama, Hiromi
Key Animation

Theme Songs

Opening Themes

Ending Themes

  • ED1: “Damage no Amai Wana” by Media Youth

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