480p Encoded OVA

Download 480p Encoded OVA

A decent quality made for smaller resolution screens or for collectors,The 480p Encoded OVA provides an even richer experience than a 360p Encoded Anime ,However the quality is considerably lower as compared to a 720 encoded anime.

However the size of the file is lower and does not lags on smaller screens.

Those who prefer to watch their anime in an average quality and have a slower internet connection or collect a lot of anime and do not have space to spare should go for anime under this category.

AnimeKaizoku also provides anime in 1080p encoded anime ,720p encoded anime and 360p encoded anime encodes and covers almost every aspect of Japanese Animations ranging from Series,OVA,Movies,ONA and specials. We would love it if you would take the time to check those out , if you feel we missed something out then you can request the same to be added to the list in the forum.

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