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Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio

Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio

Black Lagoon sets its place within Thailand , Roanapur, a depraved, crime-ridden city where not even the authorities or churches are untouched by the claws of corruption. A haven for convicts and degenerates alike, the city is notorious for being the center of illegal activities and operations, often fueled by local crime syndicates.

Enter Rokurou Okajima, an average Japanese businessman who has been living a dull and monotonous life, when he finally gets his chance for a change of pace with a delivery trip to Southeast Asia. His business trip swiftly goes downhill as Rokurou is captured by a mercenary group operating in Roanapur, called Black Lagoon. The group plans to use him as a bargaining chip in negotiations which ultimately failed. Now abandoned and betrayed by his former employer, Rokurou decides to join Black Lagoon. In order to survive, he must quickly adapt to his new environment and prepare himself for the bloodshed and tribulation to come.

A non-stop, high-octane thriller, Black Lagoon delves into the depths of human morality and virtue. Witness Rokurou struggling to keep his values and philosophies intact as he slowly transforms from businessman to ruthless mercenary.


  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 12
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Aired: Apr 9, 2006 to Jun 25, 2006
  • Premiered: Spring 2006
  • Broadcast: Sundays at 02:35 (JST)
  • Producers: Geneon Universal Entertainment, Shogakukan
  • Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment,Geneon Entertainment USA
  • Studios: Madhouse
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Action, Seinen
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

A short say into Black Lagoon

“This is way more entertaining than Hollywood is ever going going to be!” truer words like that have barely been spoken in anime in my opinion, and with the shit that’s out now, I’m inclined to believe them.

How the story in Black Lagoon is?

Enter Rokuro Okajima, a typical meek japanese office worker of a large corperation who’s the epitome of ordinary with a life so boring, bland, and not so envious with complains such as his boss kicking his ass, but his bleak life style comes to an end when a business trip cruise to South East Asia turns into hell as a group of modern day pirates take him hostage and gives him much more to complain about than just a kick to the bum.
After a wild couple of bullet-filled days with said pirates, he decides to join up out of the feeling of excitement he experienced and the way his company has treated him like a worthless throw away and takes up the name, “Rock”.

Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio
Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio

Rock’s fellow crewmates include Benny the mechanic, computer specialist, and researcher, Dutch the calm, easygoing leader, and Revy the merciless, sadistic, foul mouthed gunner who’s skill is almost unparalleled, she also goes by the name of “Two hands” cause of how she normally uses two guns in gun fights, heck any kind of fight.

The story of Black Lagoon is mostly episodic with a few arcs that normally last about three to four episodes, but the lack of on ongoing plot continues on towards the second season, yet it’s no problem at all, though it would’ve been nice if there were some that involved more development of the main characters (Besides just Revy and Rock).

The anime follows the gang as they try to complete jobs so they can earn a living, just like the main cast in Cowboy Bebop except these outlaws usually get their jobs done.
And during their jobs they face against a wide array of foes including gangs, nazis, and several eccentric foes such as a nearly unstoppable maid, and allies like a taiwanese assassin, with the main cast in nearly endless gun fights. With most of their requests coming from Balalaika, a leader of a russian crime syndicate “Hotel Moscow.”

Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio
Black Lagoon 480p BD Dual Audio

The anime has a some what crude and black sense of humor, with mostly excessive cursing and yells and screams such as “I’ll rip you a new asshole!”
But probably the funniest stuff is the insults, especially when Revy meets a certain assassin near the end of the anime, the insults bounce back at each other like a well written conversation.

Truthfully the anime might have ended up becoming a mindless bullet hungry action anime, and ultimately making it another waste of potential along with many others that have stacked up in the pile, if not for the characters, specificly the interaction between them.
Especially between Rock and Revy, through the daily dangers and learning about Revy’s past that was full of unbearable hardships that bulids up to her character, Rock learns that his partners are almost the complete opposite of him, especially during one episode where the tension between he and Revy becomes so deadly guns are involved.
These interactions are tense, nerve wrecking, and may just be much more entertaining to watch than the fights, which is unique for a heavy action such as this.
But slowly and surely, Rock starts to become used to this new way of life he chose, and begins to fit in, yet still is faced with his decision, and is constantly asked, Is this world right for him? or is he simply just an outsider and nothing more?

Animation in Black Lagoon

Great animation, displaying exciting gun fights, and little still frames with an overall dark feel to the series.
Good character designs being very diversed. The anime sometimes uses CG animation. but only during chase scenes in the vehicles, which thankfully doesn’t look out of place that only the whiniest of nit pickers would complain about.

Sound in Black Lagoon

Noticeable background music that fits in with most of what’s going on at the moment, especially with the ending theme which starts playing during the anime and it helps to indicate whenever an episode comes to an end, and really feels a perfect song that will make you think back to the episode you’ve watched, and it has like a mysterious yet calm feeling to it, then ending with a rock conclusion that reminds you what the anime is (mostly) about.
The opening theme, Red faction, is an awesome theme, despite it being in engrish.
The english dub is by Ocean (Known for the dub of Death Note and Inuyasha), and is a one of a kind dub where it would feel weird to listen to in japanese, all due to the overall setting of the series.
But the stand out performance (Among a cast of great voice actors) is the voice actor of Revy, giving that crude attitude of Revy a great convincing performance and just makes every scene with her just entertaining to even just listen to.

Overall verdict on Black Lagoon

The Good part:

  • Excellent characters and character interaction.
  • An incredible english dub that even makes the japanese audio seem out of place.
  • Good opening and ending theme music, good back ground music.

Mixed part:

  • Very violent and action oriented. / May be too violent for some.

The Bad part :

  • Lack of a continuing plot.
  • Not too much of character development.

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